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McMichael Art Gallery Rebrand

Programs Used: Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign

I redesigned the brand of the McMichael Canadian Art Collection to better showcase the unique kinds of art displayed at the gallery in order to make it stand out against others, and bring in new potential customers.

The McMichael Canadian Art Collection (better known as the McMichael Art Gallery) is a famous gallery in Vaughan Ontario that prides itself on showcasing a large collection of Aboriginal and Canadian artwork. I have a personal connection to the gallery as I come from a visual arts background myself and grew up visiting as often as I could with my family, and was able to use my knowledge of art history in the researching and creation of this project.

Their current logo is very nice and clean, but they have had the same wordmark for some time now and I personally believe they could really benefit from a refresh. Especially being an institution so creative as an art gallery, I think they could have utilized the overall style of the art they are showcasing for their own brand. Therefore in my solution, as the history of the gallery is richly rooted in Canadian and Aboriginal art and artists, I showcased the flat stylistic aesthetic that is so common for these types of pieces in the new brand, in order to show the artistic personality of the gallery through its branding.

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