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Concept Art

Program Used: Photoshop

bone gun.jpg

I did my Masters in Concept Art, and through it created many character, environment, and prop designs for entertainment purposes. This is one such piece; a render of a gun created for a wild west necromance character. 

The initial design is based on Smith & Weston pistols from the 1840s, and embellished with elements that would show off the nature of the character wielding it. It is supposed to look refurbished by its owner, with the bone handle and magpie skull added on for flourish. Other necromantic elements like the eyeball and string of teeth suggest that this character takes trophies, an idea furthered by the saw soldered to the bottom of the gun.

I am of the mind that a prop can itself be a character. A gun doesn't just have to be a gun. Through the design, an item can tell a story about the type of person that interacts with it.

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