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Unico Package Redesign

Program Used: Illustrator

A complete brand redesign of Unico, a Canadian food company that specializes in basic Italian canned goods. The objective of the redesign was to improve and modernize the overall aesthetic of the package designs in order to further engage potential buyers, as well as to bring the look of the brand back to its Italian roots through its visual feel. 

As Unico means "unique" in Italian, I felt it was important to showcase their particular personality and point of difference in my design. This being the fact that their food is imported directly from Italy, so customers can always be guaranteed authentic Italian products. Visually, I imitated a colourful Mediterranean style in order to portray a traditional and homey Italian feeling, as well as made use of vibrant photographs of real vegetables and legumes to portray the quality of the food inside.

I kept the same overall colour scheme as the original package designs, so that returning customers would not have trouble finding the product they are looking for, but decided to further clarify exactly what type of food would be found in each can at a glance. I accomplished this by breaking down the Unico canned food line into categories and colour-coded them each accordingly. Red for tomato products, green for olive products, and yellow for beans and peas. This way customers would have an easier time quickly locating the specific product they want. Red and yellow were already colours of the original Unico brand, but I chose green as the third option to connect the new brand image to the authentic Italian experience I previously mentioned.

Unico prides itself on being 100% Canadian, having been founded in Toronto and hiring an all-Canadian staff. Therefore, I included a quality seal on the front and back of the label letting customers know the merit of the brand.

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