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YSDN Promotional Postcards

Print + Editorial

A triptych postcard series designed to promote the York/Sheridan Design program to new potential applicants, or to anyone looking to go into graphic design for university. 

I created a new corporate logo for the program that would encapsulate what the program is about, and represent the meshing of old and new design methods through its imagery. I wanted to portray the idea of progress and development, and the idea that you as the designer have the power to hold and shape the future through your designs.

For the postcards themselves, I aimed to create an elegant eye-catching design that followed the theme used for my logo; of moving towards the future and molding it to our own ideals through the use of our design. The images represent the various steps to successful design; with the space ships being "the journey" or the initial take-off of ideas, the cityscape representing "the construction" or the actual physical creation of a design piece, and the globe representing "the legacy" or the lasting effect that a design has on the viewer after it is complete.

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