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Travel Postcards


A series of four illustrated postcards representing different countries from around the world through the various ethnic foods belonging to each region.

Every year, my family and I go on various family vacations, that I find are a fantastic way to experience different cultures and learn about a place’s history and significance. Our rule when we travel is that we are only allowed to eat the foods native to the country, in order to fully immerse ourselves in what each place has to offer, and upon returning home we generally try to incorporate them into our daily cooking. 


I therefore decided to portray the various foods from my personal background on the postcards in order to inform and educate the viewer on the different cultures and cuisines from each location. I am part Venezuelan, Italian, Irish and Scottish, so these are the four countries I chose to depict on the cards. I also designed each postcard themed around different colour schemes; analogous, triad, complementary, and split-complementary. I chose certain colour schemes that I thought both worked well on the vector images visually, while also remaining fairly accurate to the actual colour of the foods themselves. 

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