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School Messaging App


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A new messaging app designed for college and university students to use specifically for school-related messaging; be that for group assignments, lost handouts, or help in the course. 

In this digital age of social media and endless apps, many students find themselves using a multitude of these platforms to get in touch with their schoolmates and profs when they have questions or need to talk about assignments. This can often get confusing when trying to locate a specific group chat or trying to keep everyone on topic. I have therefore created EduChat, a simple messaging app; one single hub for all school-related conversations to take place.


Here, students can sign up with their university or college, and "register" for specific classes they are enrolled in. All messaging to do with this chat (group projects, messages from the prof, etc) will take place here. Classes are neatly separated and organized so that students can easily find the chat they are looking for, and once they complete the course and no longer need the messaging threads, they can "archive" the class to get rid of clutter. This way, messages and classes from years ago do not sit around unused forever. Professors and TAs can also make use of this app in order to get news out to their students or give overall class announcements.

EduChat is the perfect way to keep students organized and on-track of their work throughout their time in college or university, and helps them through their classes and assignments by giving them a single uniform space to connect with their peers about school.

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